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07 Jul 2016

Fearless Finds: The Gator Chateau  0

The Gator Chateau

We held baby gators!! Even after growing up on the bayou, neither me or my mom had ever held a baby gator before. After all, in the wild where there are babies, there are big mamas! So we were so excited to get to check out the Gator Chateau and get our hands on some gators!

bonveillercher.com (14)The Gator Chateau is located in the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park at 100 Rue de l’Acadie in Jennings, Louisiana, and offers a great opportunity to both learn about and interact with live alligators. They fosters baby gators until they are old enough to go into the wild. While they are being fostered they are hand fed and easily handled.

We got to hold T-Gaston. He was about a year old and appeared to be seriously bored by our enthusiasm!

bonveillercher.com (15)The worker who helped us was very informative instructing us in proper handling as well as educating us about other gator facts. Through a window in the Gator Chateau you can see a few larger gators and even a snapping turtle or two. One of the turtles was said to be over seventy years old!

The best part about the Gator Chateau is it’s free! Yes! It costs nothing to learn a little and get your hands around a baby alligator! So load up the kids and spend a day at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park. A perfect and inexpensive day could be a little picnic, have some fun on the playgrounds, feed some ducks, and hold a baby gator!bonveillercher.com (13)

The Gator Chateau is open year-round Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm. From June to September to you can watch them feed the gators on Fridays at 3:30!

Keep smiling!Lexi

05 Jul 2016

Fearless Finds: Bird City  0

Fearless Finds (1)

If you read a recent post of ours (click here to catch up!) then you know we love exploring Jungle Gardens! One of our favorite spots though is Bird City.

bonveillercher.com (11)The amazing beginnings of Bird City is what really got me excited about it all. The founder of Jungle Gardens, E. A. McIlhenny, started this rookery in the 1890’s to combat local poachers using feathers for hats. He began with just eight baby snowy egrets! When it was time to migrate in the fall, he let them fly; six returned in the spring! And they brought their mates!

Now each year thousands of snowy egrets make their way to Southwest Louisiana each year to nest and raise their young. There is an ideal lookout for visitors to watch the birds, and it’s truly an amazing sight! Its proof what impact a single person can truly have on the world!

For more information about Bird City and Jungle Gardens itself go to junglegardens.org. There you will find hours, attractions, tours, and prices! It’s a great way to spend a sunny summer day as you can drive through in your vehicle, stay in the air conditioning, and make a few quick treks for up-close views! Plus the photo ops are endless!

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Do you have a favorite spot at Jungle Gardens? Please share it with us in a comment below!

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16 Jun 2016

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens  0

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens | bonveillercher.com

When most people think of Avery Island, the Tabasco Factory comes to mind (be on the lookout for a post about the Tabasco Factory in the near future!), but Jungle Gardens is another amazing attraction on the island! Spanning over 150 acres, Jungle Gardens has beautiful foliage, birds, and several interesting historical artifacts, and all can be accessed with your own vehicle and some walking.

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens | bonveillercher.com

The amount of photo-ops is endless! From the vast bamboo grove to the numerous enormous live oaks, there are plenty of spots for professional and amateur photographers alike! Whether you need engagement, family, or just children’s pictures, you want some taken at Jungle Gardens!

The most unique sight at Jungle Gardens is the beautiful 900 year old Buddha statue. He sits inside a glass-walled building over-looking a peaceful pond filled with fish. It’s breathtaking!

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens | bonveillercher.com

Bird City is another favorite attraction in Jungle Gardens, but we will be writing about it in a separate post in a few days. So stay tuned!

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens | bonveillercher.com

With the beautiful sunny days ahead this summer, a drive to Avery Island and through Jungle Gardens is well worth your time! For hours, prices, and more information go to junglegardens.org.


05 Sep 2015

Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau: Stop #6 The Gator Pond  0

SWLA CVB: Stop #6 The Gator Pond | Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau in Lake Charles, Louisiana | bonveillercher.com

Well now that we’ve shown you the two fake gators, we’ve finally got to the real ones!! Just a little walk from the Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau is a fenced pond with at least four adult gators along with turtles and other natural wildlife.SWLA CVB: Stop #6 The Gator Pond | Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau in Lake Charles, Louisiana | bonveillercher.comSWLA CVB: Stop #6 The Gator Pond | Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau in Lake Charles, Louisiana | bonveillercher.com

The area makes it super easy to see everything in the enclosure while still keeping a safe distance. We really enjoyed watching the gators sun without worrying about disturbing them.

SWLA CVB: Stop #6 The Gator Pond | Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau in Lake Charles, Louisiana | bonveillercher.com

This is a great little adventure for those of you who’ve never seen a gator in real life as well as the seasoned gator hunters out there.

SWLA CVB: Stop #6 The Gator Pond | Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau in Lake Charles, Louisiana | bonveillercher.com

Well we had an absolute blast at the SWLA CVB! Not only did we learn a lot about SWLA but we found so many places to visit and tell y’all about. Please take a day or afternoon to stop by and check it out for yourself so you can plan your own Cajun adventure!!


11 Apr 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Roseate Spoonbill  0

Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill | bonveillercher.com



Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill | bonveillercher.com

Out boat-riding one day with Myron, we came across these beautiful Roseate Spoonbills. They were crawfishing in the swamp between the trees that line the Lacassine Bayou. This one even looks like he’s smiling at the camera!


P.S. Have any favorite southern snapshots you’d like to share? Comment below or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com and let us know!

27 Mar 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Cameron Pelican  0

Southern Snapshots | bonveillercher.com




Pelican seen from the Cameron, Louisiana ferry | bonveillercher.com

This beautiful pelican caught my eye on the ferry ride from Cameron to Holly Beach. He was busy fishing and didn’t mind me taking pictures of him at all. He even paused for a moment to look at me and posed!

Southern Snapshots is our newest blog series where we will share photographs of things we see in our daily lives. We’d love to share your pictures and captions as well! Please leave a comment or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com!