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18 Jul 2016

Fearless Finds: The Sloppy Taco  0

Fearless Finds: The Sloppy Taco | bonveillercher.com

Is it Taco Tuesday yet?! Well it’s only Monday, but we have tacos to share with you today! The new rage right now in Lake Charles is the Sloppy Taco food truck, and I was lucky enough to be working in Iowa, Louisiana, when they made a stop there last month!Fearless Finds: The Sloppy Taco | bonveillercher.com

The Sloppy Taco food truck drives and parks around Lake Charles and surrounding areas to sell their delicious foods, and when I saw them they were attending a fundraiser for a local cheerleading team. Since it was our first time to try it, my boyfriend and I ordered a few different items to try. I absolutely loved the Chicken Tacos! The Sloppy Tacos and Ribeye Roll were tough to beat too! There’s so much stuff on the tacos, and the sauces are delicious! For all the food you get, the prices are definitely reasonable.

The Sloppy Taco’s Headquarters is 2500 Kirkman St, Lake Charles, Louisiana, but to see where they’re parked you can go to their website, sloppytacotruck.com, where they have a tentative monthly schedule. Also follow them on Facebook to find out where they’ll be and when!Fearless Finds: The Sloppy Taco | bonveillercher.com

So if you happen to see the Sloppy Taco Truck around town, make an effort to stop and try them out! You won’t be disappointed!


07 Jul 2016

Fearless Finds: The Gator Chateau  0

The Gator Chateau

We held baby gators!! Even after growing up on the bayou, neither me or my mom had ever held a baby gator before. After all, in the wild where there are babies, there are big mamas! So we were so excited to get to check out the Gator Chateau and get our hands on some gators!

bonveillercher.com (14)The Gator Chateau is located in the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park at 100 Rue de l’Acadie in Jennings, Louisiana, and offers a great opportunity to both learn about and interact with live alligators. They fosters baby gators until they are old enough to go into the wild. While they are being fostered they are hand fed and easily handled.

We got to hold T-Gaston. He was about a year old and appeared to be seriously bored by our enthusiasm!

bonveillercher.com (15)The worker who helped us was very informative instructing us in proper handling as well as educating us about other gator facts. Through a window in the Gator Chateau you can see a few larger gators and even a snapping turtle or two. One of the turtles was said to be over seventy years old!

The best part about the Gator Chateau is it’s free! Yes! It costs nothing to learn a little and get your hands around a baby alligator! So load up the kids and spend a day at the Louisiana Oil and Gas Park. A perfect and inexpensive day could be a little picnic, have some fun on the playgrounds, feed some ducks, and hold a baby gator!bonveillercher.com (13)

The Gator Chateau is open year-round Monday through Saturday 9am-5pm. From June to September to you can watch them feed the gators on Fridays at 3:30!

Keep smiling!Lexi

09 Jun 2016

Fearless Finds: Painting with a Twist  0

Fearless Finds: Painting with a Twist | bonveillercher.com

I am so excited to share this Fearless Find with y’all just in time for summer! We have been hearing about Painting with a Twist for quite some time now, and we always would say, “Oh we have to go try that!” But we never did! So this year just before Mother’s Day their Facebook page popped up on my newsfeed, and I just KNEW that’s what I would give my moms this year!!

Lately I’ve been struggling with my gift-giving strategies because most everyone I know is so blessed that they buy themselves what they want or have nearly EVERYTHING already. So for Mother’s Day I decided to give an experience and make some memories by taking my mom, mother-in-law, and sister-in-law to Painting with a Twist!

Fearless Finds: Painting with a Twist | bonveillercher.comPainting with a Twist is so fun and brilliant! It’s a painting class that lasts between 2 and 3 hours depending on which design you choose. They set everything up for you including paints, brushes, and canvases, and take you step by step through the process of creating the design. While you’re painting you can enjoy whatever drinks and snacks you bring, including alcoholic beverages (the “twist” part it all).

They have so many designs to choose from, and they post each month’s designs on their website so you can pick the best one for you! You can reserve seats online as well. Also, they have a separate room to host painting parties! While we were they we saw a bachelorette party come in and get ready.

And with summer upon us and the kids out of school, they have lots of “all ages” designs!! It’s the perfect activity for a particularly hot day here in Louisiana that will keep your kid busy while expanding his or her creative side.Fearless Finds: Painting with a Twist | bonveillercher.com

Painting with a Twist is located at 4421 Nelson Road in Lake Charles. Click the following link to check out what designs Painting with a Twist has for June: PWAT

We all had so much fun, and we each got to take home our own work of art! We can’t wait to go back and bring others along!

Keep smiling!Lexi