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02 Jun 2016

Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat  0

Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat | bonveillercher.com

Some of our best finds are ones that we literally stumble upon while out on our adventures, and this might be my favorite all-time random find! It’s called an Art-o-mat, and this one is located on the second floor of the Central School Arts and Humanities Center in Lake Charles.

Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat | bonveillercher.comArt-o-mats are retro cigarette machines that sell original artworks! Everything from paintings and photos on wood blocks to jewelry and mini sculptures can be found inside! Unfortunately we didn’t have any cash on us, but for only $5 we could have bought a piece of artwork.

It even encourages local artists to get involved! Check out the Art-o-mat website, artomat.org, for more information including how to get involved and where to find others.

Have you seen other Art-o-mats before? Please leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at bonveillercher@gmail.com about your experience with them or where we can find others!


01 Sep 2015

Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau: Stop #4!  0

Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau Stop #4 | bonveillercher.com

Just past Gumbeaux Gator stands this large cutout of Louisiana that we, of course, had to take pictures in front of! We were just planning on including them in the post about the SWLA Convention & Visitors Bureau until I stumbled upon this picture of my mom while looking through a box of old photographs, and I couldn’t believe it looked like the same statue!

Before her freshman year of high school, my mom took a road trip to Colorado, and they took a picture at each state welcome sign. The 1980 picture was taken on the side of road entering Louisiana, but mom is unsure of the exact location.

Does anyone know if this is the original and/or if these were spread across the state at various state lines?

Also, do any of y’all have a picture posing with Louisiana, past or present? We’d love to see them!

Keep a lookout for Stop #5 at the SWLA Convention & Visitors Bureau: the Creole Nature Trail Virtual Tour!


11 Apr 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Roseate Spoonbill  0

Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill | bonveillercher.com



Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill | bonveillercher.com

Out boat-riding one day with Myron, we came across these beautiful Roseate Spoonbills. They were crawfishing in the swamp between the trees that line the Lacassine Bayou. This one even looks like he’s smiling at the camera!


P.S. Have any favorite southern snapshots you’d like to share? Comment below or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com and let us know!

27 Mar 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Cameron Pelican  0

Southern Snapshots | bonveillercher.com




Pelican seen from the Cameron, Louisiana ferry | bonveillercher.com

This beautiful pelican caught my eye on the ferry ride from Cameron to Holly Beach. He was busy fishing and didn’t mind me taking pictures of him at all. He even paused for a moment to look at me and posed!

Southern Snapshots is our newest blog series where we will share photographs of things we see in our daily lives. We’d love to share your pictures and captions as well! Please leave a comment or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com!


01 Mar 2015

Vintage Memories: A Sunday Veiller, 1968  2

Vintage Memories: a Sunday veiller, 1968 | bonveillercher.com
Do you miss the good ole days? I do. The slow-paced, playing with your cousins, stepping in chicken poo days. Going to Mama (pronounced Mahh-mahh, like “Ahh! I’m scared”) and Papa (pronounced the same but with P’s) Aucoin’s house for Sunday dinner was what we did each week. The kids would play outside while Mama and the women cooked in the kitchen, and the men sat around and visited. Mama would often have fish cooked in her famous white gravy that no one, and I mean no one, can make like she did. The men would eat first while us kids would eat all around on the floor. Then the women would eat and clean up. It was the perfect Sunday. It was what families did, what they made time for. I’m glad I have these memories to look back on and remember. They make me smile, and I love sharing them.
Do you have a favorite tradition from your childhood? Tell us! Comment below or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com.
15 Feb 2015

A Shrimp Boat in Cameron  0

A Shrimp Boat in Cameron -- Join us on our visit with an old shrimp boat and its owner from Cameron, Louisiana. | bonveillercher.com
The drive down to Cameron is different than when I was young. Now, after the hurricanes, everything has changed. But one thing the hurricane did not take away is the spirit of the shrimper and their heart and soul, the shrimp boat. One shrimp boat in particular caught my eye as we drove down the main drag on our way to the ferry.  It was run-down and rusty but so beautiful. I love that kind of stuff, and I couldn’t wait to see it through the lens of my camera.
As I was snapping pictures of it, a head popped out of the door and gave a wave, and then the door closed. I took a few more photos then noticed a very small statured older gentleman coming down the boardwalk which led from the boat to the land. He came straight up to the truck, and at first I thought he might tell us we had to leave. But all he wanted to do was visit with us. He talked about his daughter going to college in Florida; that he had been a shrimper all his life; that he was born and raised in Cameron; and that the boat I had fallen in love with was his home. I could tell he felt the same way about it that I did the first time I saw it. It started to rain more, and as he turned to walk away he told us we could come by anytime to fish off his dock.
His warmth and friendliness put us at ease as he embodied true southern hospitality. Hurricanes will come and go, but they will never destroy all the beauty and culture of Cameron or the spirit of the Cameron people. 
02 Feb 2015

Vintage Memories: Mardi Gras 1967  1

Looking through old photos is a favorite pastime of ours, and it’s especially fun when there is an interesting story behind them. Vintage Memories is a series we are doing that spotlights just that kind of photo. However, we only have so many old pictures to go through, so we want y’all to share some favorites.
Pictured here is a Mardi Gras parade in Mamou, Louisiana, in 1967. Everyone is dressed in the traditional Mardi Gras garb usually only seen in rural areas. Most are handmade, brightly colored, and unique, but unlike the elaborate costumes of big city Mardi Gras parades, these outfits need to be durable and comfortable because parade participants are often riding horses and chasing chickens for the gumbo! Although it’s difficult to see here, the sign in the back is from Reed’s King Freeze. Seeing this sign sparked our interest, and our exhaustive internet search has left us empty-handed. We’d love any information on this vintage business. What type of business was it? Is it still open? Please comment or e-mail anything you might know about it.
Now that we have shared our vintage Mardi Gras, we want to see yours. Please contact us if you have a photo and story of a Mardi Gras of the past, so we can share it in an upcoming post.
Katrina & Lexi
01 Feb 2015

Welcome!  0

Welcome to Bon veiller, cher! A blog that journeys through the state of Louisiana in search of what makes it unique, fun, and a great place to live and visit. -- bonveillercher.blogspot.comHi y’all! Welcome to Bon veiller, cher and our very first post! We are Katrina and Lexi, a mother-daughter team living in small-town Southwest Louisiana. We have always had a very special bond and shared a great love for our home state, and now that we are both adults, we find ourselves yearning for more knowledge about the places and people around us. Plus, we both spent twenty years living in another state, and this only further fueled our passion for Louisiana. When the idea of a blog first came about, we knew we wanted to focus not only on the state as it is now but on the rich history and the people that have shaped it. From festivals and foods to traditions and trades, we will be sitting down to visit with locals from all around to delve deeper into what makes the culture here so unique. So many people look to other places for fun and adventure, but we want to show you that no matter where you live, you can find these things just steps outside your front door.
Welcome to Bon veiller, cher! A blog that journeys through the state of Louisiana in search of what makes it unique, fun, and a great place to live and visit. -- bonveillercher.blogspot.com
We already have quite a list of adventures planned, but we would love to hear y’alls ideas. Do you have a favorite hole-in-the-wall breakfast spot? Has your great nephew’s wife’s sister played the accordion since she was three? What’s the treasure in your town?Leave a comment here or send us an e-mail, so we can plan a visit to your neck of the woods!
Katrina & Lexi