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25 Sep 2016

Southern Snapshot: The Grape Guy Mural  1

Southern Snapshot: Grape Guy Mural

When going to eat some cheeseburgers at Cotten’s Downtown for a blog post, we stumbled up this amazing mural on the side of the restaurant. It’s a piece done by Jeremy Price of Bluejay Arts. Have  you seen this mural or others like it around town? Have any pics? Please comment below or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com! We would love to see and share them!


18 Sep 2016

Southern Snapshot: Mary Ann’s Cafe Sign  0

Southern Snapshot: Mary Ann's Cafe Sign

Cotten’s Downtown had just so many interesting things! We also found the original Mary Ann’s Cafe sign hanging on the wall inside. I remember eating at Mary Ann’s Cafe in the mid-80’s when I was working in the downtown area. I loved their burgers and fries!

Do you remember Mary Ann’s Cafe? Have any special memories there or a favorite menu item? Please comment below or e-mail us at bonveillercher@gmail.com, so we can share your stories!


05 Jul 2016

Fearless Finds: Bird City  0

Fearless Finds (1)

If you read a recent post of ours (click here to catch up!) then you know we love exploring Jungle Gardens! One of our favorite spots though is Bird City.

bonveillercher.com (11)The amazing beginnings of Bird City is what really got me excited about it all. The founder of Jungle Gardens, E. A. McIlhenny, started this rookery in the 1890’s to combat local poachers using feathers for hats. He began with just eight baby snowy egrets! When it was time to migrate in the fall, he let them fly; six returned in the spring! And they brought their mates!

Now each year thousands of snowy egrets make their way to Southwest Louisiana each year to nest and raise their young. There is an ideal lookout for visitors to watch the birds, and it’s truly an amazing sight! Its proof what impact a single person can truly have on the world!

For more information about Bird City and Jungle Gardens itself go to junglegardens.org. There you will find hours, attractions, tours, and prices! It’s a great way to spend a sunny summer day as you can drive through in your vehicle, stay in the air conditioning, and make a few quick treks for up-close views! Plus the photo ops are endless!

Untitled design


Do you have a favorite spot at Jungle Gardens? Please share it with us in a comment below!

Keep smiling!Lexi

01 Jul 2016

Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building  0

Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building | bonveillercher.com

Have you heard about the Heywood Building? Its fate has been causing a ruckus in Jennings, Louisiana, for the past couple of years. Originally built in the early 1900’s, the building is one of the few remaining from this era left in Jennings.

We were lucky enough to sit down with Dusty Chaisson, one of the individuals behind the project as well as the editor and publisher of the Jennings Rearview and the Events Coordinator for the Jennings Industrial Board, who gave us an amazing in-depth history and plan for the Heywood Building. We are saving that for a more extensive post though! First we wanted to let you all know about the Save the Heywood project and how YOU can help!

Bayou Treasures: Saving the Heywood Building | bonveillercher.com

The most recent owners of the building donated it to the Jeff Davis Arts Council (JDAC) which is a non-profit organization focused on providing arts-based entertainment and education to the community, and they have decided to use donations to turn it into a space for public use! They’re talking about sitting areas and free wi-fi as well as using the space for exhibits ranging from historical artifacts and private collections to art and productions (anyone interested in some stand-up comedy shows?!). The top floor will provide a much needed office space for the JDAC, too! In the two colored photos you can see construction has already begun!

So what can YOU do to help keep the project going and impact the community of Jennings?! Well a simple jump over to savetheheywood.com will provide you with an online way to donate as well as an address to send donations to. Plus, if you donate enough, you could get a t-shirt or an actual piece of the Heywood itself!

If money isn’t a possibility for you or you’d like to do even more to help, spread the word! Take to social media platforms and word of mouth to keep the campaign alive and the movement going strong! Also, be alert for volunteer opportunities!! Thanks to the lovely volunteers after one of the walls collapsed, clean-up was quick and cheap!

bonveillercher.com (10)

So please stay tuned to the story as we continue to help Save the Heywood!!

Keep smiling!Lexi

26 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop  0



Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop | bonveillercher.com | CajunKatPhotos


Exploring downtown Jennings one day we realized some of the stop signs were inside these giant pots filled with flowers!! They’re so beautiful and completely change the look of the streets! Then we found out that the Jennings Garden Club is responsible. Thank you so much for adding more beauty to the street of Jennings!


Check out more beautiful pictures at CajunKatPhotos Facebook page!

25 Jun 2016

Vintage Memories: The Hayes Store  0




Vintage Memories: The Hayes Store | bonveillercher.com


In honor of my dad’s birthday today, we decided to show a different side of him as a young entrepreneur. Here he is photographed with me holding their first dollar at their gas station and convenience store on Highway 14 in Hayes, Louisiana. It was taken in October of 1968 when I was 2 years old!

Do you remember this gas station and store? Please share your memories with us by commenting below or e-mailing us at bonveillercher@gmail.com!


14 Jun 2016

Vintage Memories: Victor Monsour’s “Greo”  0


Vintage Memories: Victor Monsour's "Greo" | bonveillercher.com


Back in the 90’s I worked at Victor Monsour’s studio. One day he came and asked me to follow him because he had something to show me. He led me to the living room of the studio, pointed to a photograph hanging up on the wall, and said “out of all the pictures I’ve taken, that’s my favorite.” That picture was the one you see above featuring my dad and grandfather. It’s titled “Greo” Life of a Trapper and was taken in 1982 in my backyard.

This image was taken from a postcard advertising Victor Monsour’s exhibit “Mystére du Meché” (Mysteries of the Marsh) in 2002 at the Art Associates Gallery. It’s being used again in the cover photo of the next exhibit featuring Victor Monsour’s work’s Facebook event page. 35 Years of Victor Monsour will open in the Historic City Hall Arts and Cultural Center in Lake Charles on Friday, June 17th. The opening reception will begin at 5:30, and we hope to see you there!


12 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: Lady Angie  0





The shrimp boats of Cameron are an art exhibit that everyone needs to see at least one in their lives. Each one is uniquely named and designed to fit each shrimper’s character, and they’re an integral part of the history and culture of Southwest Louisiana. Travel down to the coast and enjoy a day looking at these remarkable boats!


If you’d like to hang “Lady Angie” on your wall, check out CajunKatPhotos to buy your own and see all my other pictures!

05 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: Central School Arts & Humanities Center  0



Southern Snapshots: Central School Arts & Humanities Center | bonveillercher.com - Photo by CajunKatPhotos


This treasure, the Central School Arts and Humanities Center, is located at 809 Kirby Street in Lake Charles. They don’t make schools like this anymore. Notice the marked “Girls” entrance to the school; this was built in 1912 when boys and girls were separated during school. Now it houses a variety of local businesses and organizations related to the arts including the Lake Charles Symphony and the Children’s Theatre Company. The beauty is all around you, so stop by and check it out!


If you’d like a copy of this photo for your home or as a gift please stop by CajunKatPhotos to purchase and check out all my photos!