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25 Sep 2016

Southern Snapshot: The Grape Guy Mural  1

Southern Snapshot: Grape Guy Mural

When going to eat some cheeseburgers at Cotten’s Downtown for a blog post, we stumbled up this amazing mural on the side of the restaurant. It’s a piece done by Jeremy Price of Bluejay Arts. Have  you seen this mural or others like it around town? Have any pics? Please comment below or e-mail us at! We would love to see and share them!


18 Sep 2016

Southern Snapshot: Mary Ann’s Cafe Sign  0

Southern Snapshot: Mary Ann's Cafe Sign

Cotten’s Downtown had just so many interesting things! We also found the original Mary Ann’s Cafe sign hanging on the wall inside. I remember eating at Mary Ann’s Cafe in the mid-80’s when I was working in the downtown area. I loved their burgers and fries!

Do you remember Mary Ann’s Cafe? Have any special memories there or a favorite menu item? Please comment below or e-mail us at, so we can share your stories!


26 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop  0



Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop | | CajunKatPhotos


Exploring downtown Jennings one day we realized some of the stop signs were inside these giant pots filled with flowers!! They’re so beautiful and completely change the look of the streets! Then we found out that the Jennings Garden Club is responsible. Thank you so much for adding more beauty to the street of Jennings!


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12 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: Lady Angie  0





The shrimp boats of Cameron are an art exhibit that everyone needs to see at least one in their lives. Each one is uniquely named and designed to fit each shrimper’s character, and they’re an integral part of the history and culture of Southwest Louisiana. Travel down to the coast and enjoy a day looking at these remarkable boats!


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05 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: Central School Arts & Humanities Center  0



Southern Snapshots: Central School Arts & Humanities Center | - Photo by CajunKatPhotos


This treasure, the Central School Arts and Humanities Center, is located at 809 Kirby Street in Lake Charles. They don’t make schools like this anymore. Notice the marked “Girls” entrance to the school; this was built in 1912 when boys and girls were separated during school. Now it houses a variety of local businesses and organizations related to the arts including the Lake Charles Symphony and the Children’s Theatre Company. The beauty is all around you, so stop by and check it out!


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11 Apr 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Roseate Spoonbill  0

Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill |



Southern Snapshots: Rosette Spoonbill |

Out boat-riding one day with Myron, we came across these beautiful Roseate Spoonbills. They were crawfishing in the swamp between the trees that line the Lacassine Bayou. This one even looks like he’s smiling at the camera!


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27 Mar 2015

Southern Snapshots: A Cameron Pelican  0

Southern Snapshots |




Pelican seen from the Cameron, Louisiana ferry |

This beautiful pelican caught my eye on the ferry ride from Cameron to Holly Beach. He was busy fishing and didn’t mind me taking pictures of him at all. He even paused for a moment to look at me and posed!

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