Fearless Finds: Sweets & Treats

Fearless Finds: Sweets & Treats | bonveillercher.com

Looking to try a new dessert? Well have you ever had a tea cake? We hadn’t, so when a patient of mine suggested we try out Sweets & Treats of Lake Charles, we had to oblige!

Fearless Finds: Sweets & Treats | bonveillercher.com

Located at 411 Ryan Street, Sweets & Treats has a variety of homemade desserts from chocolate covered anything to their famous tea cakes. First time customers get a free tea cake to sample! Once we tried each a one, we had to buy a few to take home! They’re not overly sweet, super soft, and very delicious. At just $4.10 for 3, it’s an affordable and easy treat to pick up and bring home.

Fearless Finds: Sweets & Treats | bonveillercher.com

Check out their Facebook page and stop by to try a new dessert!

Already love Sweets & Treats? What’s your favorite menu item? Comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Fearless Finds: Sweets & Treats

  1. I’ve had tea cakes as cookies but never anything that looked like that called a tea cake. I’m going to get over there and try one!

  2. Have you had their chocolate chip cookies that are basically more chocolate chips than cookie???

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