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29 Aug 2016

Supporting the Flood Relief  0

Supporting the Flood Relief

With our love for our community and surrounding areas, we cannot ignore the recent disaster that befell many of our neighbors. While we were spared from the rising waters, many were left without homes, food, clothes, and everything else you can imagine. So when we heard about a local artist gathering goods and delivering them straight into the hands of those affected, we had to do what we could and donate.

Supporting the Flood Relief

We have been following Candace Alexander for sometime now. Not only is she a talented artist whose works can be found everywhere in Southwest Louisiana and beyond but she is also dedicated to giving back to the community that has always supported her. During the past few weeks she has loaded countless trucks and trailers and sent them on their way to Lake Arthur, Gonzales, Morse, and many other cities and towns affected by the flooding.

Supporting the Flood Relief

When we dropped off our donations the passion from Candace and Jade (from was contagious! We would like to give a huge thanks to everything they have done and continue to do!

Do you have an individual or group who went above and beyond to help with the flood relief? We would love to share their story and give them some much deserved recognition! Please comment below or e-mail us at!

Keep smiling!Lexi


21 Aug 2016

Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: News-Scoop Gator  5

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: News-Scoop Gator |

In honor of the American Press running an article about us today, we are sharing their Gator on the Geaux with y’all! With a vest made of newspaper and a nifty messenger bag over his shoulder, this Gator on the Geaux is ready to spread some news!

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: News-Scoop Gator | bonveillercher.comThe artist is Mark Lefevre, and this Gator on the the Geaux is located just outside of the American Press office in Lake Charles at 4900 US-90.

If you know of any Gators on the Geaux we are missing, shoot us an e-mail at or comment below!

And pick up a copy of the American Press today to see us on the cover of the Life section!

Keep smiling!Lexi

14 Aug 2016

Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum  2

Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum |

Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum | bonveillercher.comReady to step back in time? Well we have found just the place to make you feel like you’re back in the early 1900’s! The W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum is a hidden gem in downtown Jennings, Louisiana. Just a block down from the Heywood Building, the museum’s exterior looks like an old storefront, and when you walk through the front doors you’re transported back to 1910 China, Louisiana!

Originally started to supply workers and farmers with goods, the store remained open until 1949 when they left for lunch, locked it up, and never opened it again. Eventually they boxed everything up (and we mean EVERYTHING) and stored it in a warehouse until the grandson donated everything for the creation of the museum in the 1990’s.

Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum | bonveillercher.comThe museum is absolutely overfull with old merchandise. Shelves and shelves of medicines, dry goods, fabric, and so much more can be seen, and almost everything still has the original prices posted! They kept everything including the original wholesale catalogs from which the merchandise was bought, so the curators of the museum can actually look back to see when things were purchased and for how much.

There are also some amazing examples of hand-woven Coushatta Indian baskets that were brought in by the Native Americans to trade for goods.

Along with the merchandise, the actual display counters were also brought to the museum. One measures 17 feet long and was brought in one piece! You can also walk through the original store doors.Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum |

This museum is such a cool find, and it would be a perfect way to get out of the house but still escape the heat and learn about early twentieth century life in small town Louisiana! It’s only $3 for adults and $1 for students, and there is a side room with rotating exhibits as well as the amazing Children’s Telephone Museum in the back portion (stay tuned for a separate post about that!).

Fearless Finds: W.H. Tupper General Merchandise Museum | bonveillercher.comThe museum is open Monday through Friday 9 to 5. For more information check out their website, and we hope you take a trip back in time there very soon!

Keep smiling!Lexi