Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat

Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat | bonveillercher.com

Some of our best finds are ones that we literally stumble upon while out on our adventures, and this might be my favorite all-time random find! It’s called an Art-o-mat, and this one is located on the second floor of the Central School Arts and Humanities Center in Lake Charles.

Fearless Finds: The Art-o-mat | bonveillercher.comArt-o-mats are retro cigarette machines that sell original artworks! Everything from paintings and photos on wood blocks to jewelry and mini sculptures can be found inside! Unfortunately we didn’t have any cash on us, but for only $5 we could have bought a piece of artwork.

It even encourages local artists to get involved! Check out the Art-o-mat website, artomat.org, for more information including how to get involved and where to find others.

Have you seen other Art-o-mats before? Please leave us a comment or send us an e-mail at bonveillercher@gmail.com about your experience with them or where we can find others!


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