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29 Jun 2016

Pelicans on Parade #4  0

Pelicans on Parade in Lafayette, Louisiana |

How cute is this one!? This Pelican is perched in front of Imaging at Lafayette Surgical Specialty Hospital on Kaliste Saloom in Lafayette and is fittingly painted as an x-ray. After a bit of research we found out this is actually a replica of the original which was destroyed. Pelicans on Parade in Lafayette, Louisiana | bonveillercher.comYou can see from the picture that this one has some wear and tear as well which probably explains the “Smile you’re on camera” sign!


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26 Jun 2016

Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop  0



Southern Snapshots: A Flowery Stop | | CajunKatPhotos


Exploring downtown Jennings one day we realized some of the stop signs were inside these giant pots filled with flowers!! They’re so beautiful and completely change the look of the streets! Then we found out that the Jennings Garden Club is responsible. Thank you so much for adding more beauty to the street of Jennings!


Check out more beautiful pictures at CajunKatPhotos Facebook page!

25 Jun 2016

Vintage Memories: The Hayes Store  0




Vintage Memories: The Hayes Store |


In honor of my dad’s birthday today, we decided to show a different side of him as a young entrepreneur. Here he is photographed with me holding their first dollar at their gas station and convenience store on Highway 14 in Hayes, Louisiana. It was taken in October of 1968 when I was 2 years old!

Do you remember this gas station and store? Please share your memories with us by commenting below or e-mailing us at!


24 Jun 2016

Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: Sleepy  0

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: Sleepy |

He’s wearing a night cap!! How adorable! Sleepy hangs out at the Sleep Disorder Center of Louisiana at 4820 Lake Street in Lake Charles. We didn’t find an artist, but his name was on both his shirt pocket and tail!Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: Sleepy |

Spotted a Gator on the Geaux around town lately? Let us know where by leaving a comment below or e-mailing us at!

Keep smiling!Lexi

23 Jun 2016

Fearless Finds: Lakeside Hospitality for You and Your Dog  0

Fearless Finds: Lakeside Hospitality for You and Your Dog |


Fearless Finds: Lakeside Hospitality for You and Your Dog | bonveillercher.comI love this taste of true Southern hospitality! I actually found this little watering hole a few years back on a run, and I am so excited to share it with y’all! Just off the sidewalk on the lakeside of Shell Beach Drive is this adorable fountain for human and pet use. As you turn the spout for the human side, the pet side fills up. It even has a cute little poem!

We would like to give a huge thanks to the lovely residents who provide this (rumor has it they are fellow runners!), and we would love to give credit where credit is due. So if you know who owns this little oasis, please comment below or e-mail us at


Fearless Finds: Lakeside Hospitality for You and Your Dog |


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P.S. If you do know who owns this fountain or if you are the owner, there is a Gator on the Geaux just down their dock that we would love to get an up-close view of!!

22 Jun 2016

Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator  4

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator |

This Gator on the Geaux sits in the balcony of The Phoenix Building at 949 Ryan Street in downtown Lake Charles. We wish we could have gotten closer view! Although we don’t know his official name or the artist behind him (comment below if you do!), he is decked out in a tux and looking quite dapper up there.Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: The Phoenix Building Gator |

By the way, do you know about the history of The Phoenix Building? It was built to memorialize the fire of 1910 that ravaged Lake Charles and to celebrate the great architecture that emerged when the city was rebuilt. We have put the restaurant that is housed on the bottom floor, aptly named 1910, on our list of places to try!

If you know anything more about this Gator on the Geaux or know of another one we need to hunt down please comment below or e-mail us at

Keep smiling!Lexi

18 Jun 2016

Huntin’ Gators on the Geaux: Ed Drew Gator  0

Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: Ed Drew Gator |


This Gator on the Geaux was an interesting find for us because we had no clue who H.C. Drew was until we did a bit of research. Harrison C. Drew was a businessman and state senator at the end of the 19th century who upon his death left half of his estate to provide educational opportunities to the people of Lake Charles. What an amazing gift to the community!Huntin' Gators on the Geaux: Ed Drew Gator |

Ed Drew Gator stands in front of the H.C. Drew Estate at 719 Kirby Street in Lake Charles, and the artist is Susan Fuerst.

Send us a comment or e-mail at to tell us about other Gators on the Geaux around town!

Keep smiling!Lexi

16 Jun 2016

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens  0

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens |

When most people think of Avery Island, the Tabasco Factory comes to mind (be on the lookout for a post about the Tabasco Factory in the near future!), but Jungle Gardens is another amazing attraction on the island! Spanning over 150 acres, Jungle Gardens has beautiful foliage, birds, and several interesting historical artifacts, and all can be accessed with your own vehicle and some walking.

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens |

The amount of photo-ops is endless! From the vast bamboo grove to the numerous enormous live oaks, there are plenty of spots for professional and amateur photographers alike! Whether you need engagement, family, or just children’s pictures, you want some taken at Jungle Gardens!

The most unique sight at Jungle Gardens is the beautiful 900 year old Buddha statue. He sits inside a glass-walled building over-looking a peaceful pond filled with fish. It’s breathtaking!

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens |

Bird City is another favorite attraction in Jungle Gardens, but we will be writing about it in a separate post in a few days. So stay tuned!

Fearless Finds: Jungle Gardens |

With the beautiful sunny days ahead this summer, a drive to Avery Island and through Jungle Gardens is well worth your time! For hours, prices, and more information go to


15 Jun 2016

Following the Louisiana Antique Trail: The Steamer Trunk  0

Following the Louisiana Antique Trail: The Steamer Trunk |

We have another downtown Jennings, Louisiana, find for you, and this time it’s on the Louisiana Antique Trail! Nova Barnes opened The Steamer Trunk in December of 2012 fulfilling her dream of having a shop on Main Street and loves to fill her shop with things her customers will “treasure and not just fill space.”

The Steamer Trunk is filled with so many fun finds ranging from antiques to clothing to an adorable little book nook! Nova also makes her own jewelry and will repair yours. They also repair and sell furniture, and her daughter makes the soaps and bath scrubs available.

Following the Louisiana Antique Trail: The Steamer Trunk |

One of our favorite things at The Steamer Trunk is her “Artist of the Month” series. Each month she features a different artist and sells their pieces in the store with all proceeds going directly to the artist. With no gallery in Jennings, this is a great way for local artists to get their name and works out to the public. If you’re an artist and would like to be featured please contact Nova; she’s always looking for new artists!

If you’re looking for a unique gift stop by The Steamer Trunk! Gift certificates and free gift wrapping is available. It’s located at 526 North Main Street in Jennings, Louisiana. Check out their website and their Facebook page. Also take a look at the Louisiana Antique Trail website,, for other amazing antique shops.

And keep following along as we make our way along the Louisiana Antique Trail!

Keep smiling!Lexi


14 Jun 2016

Vintage Memories: Victor Monsour’s “Greo”  0


Vintage Memories: Victor Monsour's "Greo" |


Back in the 90’s I worked at Victor Monsour’s studio. One day he came and asked me to follow him because he had something to show me. He led me to the living room of the studio, pointed to a photograph hanging up on the wall, and said “out of all the pictures I’ve taken, that’s my favorite.” That picture was the one you see above featuring my dad and grandfather. It’s titled “Greo” Life of a Trapper and was taken in 1982 in my backyard.

This image was taken from a postcard advertising Victor Monsour’s exhibit “Mystére du Meché” (Mysteries of the Marsh) in 2002 at the Art Associates Gallery. It’s being used again in the cover photo of the next exhibit featuring Victor Monsour’s work’s Facebook event page. 35 Years of Victor Monsour will open in the Historic City Hall Arts and Cultural Center in Lake Charles on Friday, June 17th. The opening reception will begin at 5:30, and we hope to see you there!