Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau: Stop #5 The Creole Nature Trail Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour (28)

Just next to the large Louisiana state cutout is a familiar sight if you’ve been following our blog or have done any traveling around the backroads of Southwest Louisiana: a Creole Nature Trail marker!

The Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau is the perfect place to start a trip down the Creole Nature Trail with a virtual tour! They have handheld devices you can rent that will give you an audio tour of the trail. By using GPS, the devices know where you are and guide you along the trail. There is also a free phone app to download which works in the same way! The devices can be found inside the SWLA CVB, and they have a drop-off box outside for when you’re done.

The SWLA CVB is such a great jumping off point because it can lead you in so many fun directions! (29)

Be ready for our 6th and final stop at SWLA CVB  coming up next. Also, keep a lookout for more about the Creole Nature Trail as we explore it!


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