Southwest Louisiana Convention & Visitors Bureau: Stop #4!

Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau Stop #4 |

Just past Gumbeaux Gator stands this large cutout of Louisiana that we, of course, had to take pictures in front of! We were just planning on including them in the post about the SWLA Convention & Visitors Bureau until I stumbled upon this picture of my mom while looking through a box of old photographs, and I couldn’t believe it looked like the same statue!

Before her freshman year of high school, my mom took a road trip to Colorado, and they took a picture at each state welcome sign. The 1980 picture was taken on the side of road entering Louisiana, but mom is unsure of the exact location.

Does anyone know if this is the original and/or if these were spread across the state at various state lines?

Also, do any of y’all have a picture posing with Louisiana, past or present? We’d love to see them!

Keep a lookout for Stop #5 at the SWLA Convention & Visitors Bureau: the Creole Nature Trail Virtual Tour!


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